Silicone bracelets and animal protection
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The proportion of endangered species on Earth is growing at an alarming rate due to human destruction and loss of habitat. Before the industrial society, birds were extinct on average every 300 years, and mammals were extinct every 8000 years. However, since the industrial society, the extinction rate of the earth has exceeded 1,000 times the rate of extinction. 1/8 of the world's plants, 1/4 of mammals, 1/9 of birds, 1/5 of reptiles, 1/4 of amphibians, and 1/3 of fish are on the verge of extinction. Therefore, it is imperative to protect animals. The whole world is calling for the protection of animals. The core of animal protection is the prohibition of ill-treatment, mutilation of any animal, and the prohibition of hunting and preying on wild animals.
We can promote the importance of protecting animals in the community and on campus. In addition to distributing brochures and TV commercials, we can also customize some animal silicone bracelets. These animal silicone bracelets are custom made. In addition to the printed animal pattern on the bracelet, we can also print some words, such as "protecting animals, everyone is responsible", "animals are human friends, we should not hurt them", " Living with the Earth, humans and animals must live in harmony" on the animal silicone bracelets. These bracelets can also be custom made in color and size. We gave custom animal silicone bracelets to people at zoos, community gatherings and World Animal Day events. The animal silicone bracelets are used as a promotional product to raise awareness of the importance of protecting animals.



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