Blank silicone wristbands with custom colours and sizes
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Our silicone wristbands are all customized. We can print all kinds of logos and text you need on the silicone wristbands. But some customers only want simple silicone wristbands without any logo and text. They don't need any logo or text on them,we can also provide blank silicone wristbands. Because some customers will buy some blank silicone wristbands and they use their own printing machine for secondary processing. Or they simply want blank silicone wristbands of all colors, groups for activities, and teams with different colors. The cost of the blank silicone wristband is very low, much lower than that of the customized printed silicone wristband. But the blank silicone wristband does not mean that it can not be customized. The colour and size of our blank  silicone wristband can be customized. There are hundreds of different colours. Pantone colours can be made on blank silicone wristbands. The size of the blank silicone wristbands can also meet the needs of various groups, in addition to adult size, youth size and child size, you can also customize the size you want. The delivery time of the blank silicone wristbands is very fast and much shorter than that of the customized printing silicone wristbands. Welcome to order blank silicone wristbands with us. 


silicone wristband 1    silicone wristband 2

silicone wristband 3    silicone wristband 4



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