Why people buy silicone wristband?

What is the use of silicone wristband? Silicone wristband is a popular promotional fashion supplies, only for decorative use, but silicone wristband is made of 100% pure natural solid silicone rubber material by pressing the hydraulic press, it can also play a role of anti-skid and recognition. Below is a brief introduction to the role of silicone hand ring. Environment-friendly silicone wristband, non-toxic, tasteless, no side effects on the human body. By the ecological food grade silica gel material made of hand ring has soft, not cracking, long service life, do not stimulate the skin and other advantages, soft material and design generous appearance, concise, bright color, deeply domestic and foreign customers love.debossed colorfilled
What is the use of silicone hand ring? 1. Can be used as fashion jewelry, merchandise promotion, promotional materials, gifts, souvenirs, activities supplies, birthdays, parties, alumni, outdoor activities, meetings, weddings, education, Taobao gifts, accessories, inspirational hand ring, sports fashion hand ring. Schools, websites/shop promotion, there are a variety of different meanings and so on. 2. To prevent the flow of sweat into the hands of players caused by the phenomenon of sliding ball. Because of its high-grade environmentally-friendly silicone made, silicone hand ring can effectively absorb the sweat from the human body, to prevent sweat flow to the player’s hand caused by the phenomenon of sliding ball. Street Basketball is popular, do not know the ball friends in order to carry out a number of means in the match, often to reach for the ball, and they judge the logo is the wrist band color. Why the street ball Ace’s pockets often have 4~5 a different color wrist strap, is to facilitate the team. 3. In order to convey the wearer’s beliefs. In today’s society, people have more speech rights, the way to express their thoughts and beliefs in their hearts is varied. Because of the silicone wrist strap DIY is very flexible, can be based on the requirements of people want to express their own logo to the wrist band, so as to reach the wrist band to convey the role of faith. 4. Fashionable and trendy decorations. Silicone hand Ring color colorful, can be based on their preferences to choose their favorite color and style. Wear on the future with their own clothing can play a very good decorative embellishment role. Catch the fashion of the Riders people essential products. The above is about the role of silicone hand ring solution, in the Yin Set Network small series, silicone wristband by the public like the reason lies in its rich color, by the non-toxic silicon resolutely made of material more reassuring.Thus silicone wristband is always used for various casino, stadium, as gifts, souvenirs, promotional items, etc., is a hot fashion act the role ofing is tasted; Is a kind of low cost, high efficiency advertising promotional advertising gifts. Most of the hand movement with no actual use, is a kind of fashion accessories. Hand with the custom words or phrases out of the message usually reflects the people’s beliefs and values.