Why do many people choose us to order silicone bracelets?

The first silicone hand ring in the world was first appeared in the United States,the color is yellow and it name is “LIVESTRONG”.The ring initiated by the ring law champion Armstrong,It means to make people live a strong and brave life and defeat the pain of cancer to the people of the world.And Armsyrong combined with NIKE to issue the silicone wristband to raise funds for Global cancer fund.Since then, because of its advantages of environmental protection, non-toxic, tasteless, elastic and easy to wear, the silicone bracelet has been developing into a popular jewelry and loved by young friends. Nowadays, all kinds of silicone bracelet has been popular all over the world.

Our company has been producing and designing silicone bracelet since 2010,we have more than 8 years of production experience,we are absolutely a trustworthy company.Order rubber bracelet from us ,you’ll get a different surprise.We have our own company ,the professional production team, the professional design team, the fastest transportation service, the most satisfactory after-sales service.We can provide you the one dragon service such as design, production, transportation, after sale service and so on .

Design.If you place an order on our website,we will make a proof which according to your request for you within 15 minutes at work time.If you place an order in our non – working hours, we will make the proof at the first time after we get back to work.our working time is from 8 o’clock AM to next day 3 o’clock AM in Beijing time.About your digital proof ,if you don’t agree with it ,could you please contact us to revise your proof via email ,telephone and chat online when you feel free.We will change the proof for you with shortest time and start the mass production until the proof meet your requirements and confirm it.

Production.Most people will worry about the quality of the silicone band is not they expect before they choose one new company to order their wristbands .We can ensure to provide you the best quality bands ,because from the production beginning we will all strictly control the quality of our products,including the band size ,color and so on.Also ,before we ship the silicone bands out we will also check the quality of the product again to guarantee the silicone band to be deliver on you with the best quality.How to judge the quality of the silicone band?We can judge whether the quality of a silicone wristband is qualified through the following aspects ,such as the band color whether match the pantone card,because we are in accordance with the Pantone color to produce the silicone band and any other color will eventually be converted to Pantone color;such as whether the silicone band has impurities, whether it is dyed, whether the toughness is qualified or not, is it non-toxic and environmentally friendly,if the answer of these question is yes,so these are fine rubber bracelet that you can use it at ease.

Transport.Maybe some people will ask us how to ensure that the bracelet can be delivered on time and what kind of rush order service can we provide.About how to ensure that the bracelet can be delivered on time,we will make the proof for you to confirm it with shortest time.And choose the most reasonable express company to deliver the silicone wristbands on you when it is finished.We have a lot of co – operative courier companies,such as FEDEX,UPS,TNT and so on .They are all the best that can provide the best express service for you . About the rush order service ,we can provide you 1+1+1 order service,it means place an order on our website take one day ,production take one day and shipping take one day .Order silicone band from us ,you can get it you expect with shortest time .

After-sale service.We have been working on providing the best quality products and the fastest delivery service for all the guests.But occasionally, the quality of the product is not qualified and the delivery is delayed and so on which we don’t want it appear.So , if these situation has been appeared ,we also have our own way of handling.Such as the quality of the silicone band is not qualified .If the customer still need the silicone band ,we will reproduce and ship it out with the fatest speed and the customer don’t need to pay any additional fees . Such as the inhand date is delayed,if the guest no longer needs the silicone bracelet ,we will refund the full amount .

We have been committed to providing you with high quality products and good service.This is the goal we have been trying to achieve.

How to custom embossed rubber bracelets?

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The quantity of uses for custom rubber stamps is virtually as varied as the stamps themselves. Private use, crafting, house workplace or specialist offices-there are all kinds of applications!

Take for instance what occurred recently with the bracelet confusion. You know individuals silicone wristbands that everyone is sporting for specific brings about: They have turn into a minimal-expense awareness instrument for organizations and charity groups.