Why people want to wear the silicone wristband?

Silicone wristband, another name: silicone SW-y-2015.04.25 (39)band, silicone wrist strap. The earliest originated in the United States, the world’s first silicone wristband is yellow “LIVESTRONG”, all people wearing this wristband have the common purpose of fighting disease, cancer, and making life stronger!
Afterwards, due to its characteristics of being environmentally friendly, non-toxic, tasteless, elastic, and easy to wear, the silicone wristband has gradually developed into a popular accessory, which is deeply loved by young friends and has now spread to the whole world.Made of 100% pure silica gel, soft texture, tear resistant, feels excellent.
Silicone wristband story:You will find that there is a wave of “inspirational wristbands” in fashion. For young people in particular, this variety of “inspirational wristbands” written with a variety of inspirational discourses not only promotes a positive attitude toward life, they are therefore popular with young people just as soon as they are launched.
Today, wearing a silicone wristband has become a resounding manifestation of support for charity. In support of the Special Olympics Games in Shanghai in 2007, Yao Ming, the McDonald’s brand ambassador and NBA giant, shouted “Do not underestimate his own declaration.” Yao Ming engraved his reflections on different colored wristbands and called on everyone with Olympic champions Guo Jingjing, Peng Bo, world chess champion Zhu Rong, figure skating Shen Xue, Zhao Hongbo, and former gymnastic champion Mo Huilan. Bring “inspirational wristbands” together to contribute to Special Olympics. On the eight colors of silica gel color wristbands, Yao Ming described eight positive attitudes to life:
Blue means the pursuit of equality, tolerance, and lofty ideals to make life more meaningful;
the green expression “Don’t make excuses”to eliminate differences and break the gap, everyone has the responsibility to achieve;
Pink means “a heavenly steed soaring across the skies ,a powerful and unconstrained style” ,our imagination has always been the driving force of the world;
Orange tells you “to single it out” to challenge ourselves is more braver than to challenge others.
Red advocates “have a strong resolution to reach the clouds — high aspirations”,the height of a person’s jump can’t jump beyond the innermost spirit of ambition; yellow declares that “dreams are not too big”,as long as you have a dream, everything can come true.

If some skin irritation and other symptoms occur during use, be sure to consult a doctor promptly. In particular, if a child comes into contact with the wristband, if there are some problems, the doctor should be the first to know the specific situation, and ”symptomatic treatment” !Of course, as long as we choose a quality assured product, the probability of this situation is very low, but people’s constitution is different, some people with allergies may not be suitable to wear this silicone wristband.At present, the use of wristbands in some entertainment venues is very high, and the demand for exercise wristbands in major sports venues is also very high. Individual consumers have become a high-spending consumer group. With the launch of some services such as the customization of silicone wristbands, it is more than worth our expecting.