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When you want to buy rubber wristbands, which we also call silicone wristband, do you know how to buy rubber wristbands with good quality?
Smell the smell, you can cut off a little silica gel and use it to burn. The real silica gel wristband has white burning edge and powder burning residue. The fake silicone wristband after the fire after the edge is black, open fire combustion, smoke black, with a bad smell.
2. Look at the products to see if there is anything unclean in the silica gel products, or if there is some color deviation, see if the packaging box is completely written, whether there is any printing error, whether the diameter of the wristband is regular, whether the "thickness" is consistent, and whether there is any extra silicone at the edge of the wristband. Generally high quality silicone wristband will not have rough edges or rough phenomenon, the surface is very smooth.
3, A high quality silica gel product surface is very smooth, there will be no rough, distinguish, then mainly handle aspect of quality silicone wristband uniform appearance, flexibility is good, is not easy to permanent deformation due to external force, but fake products easy to deformation of silicon and not reduction, due to the false of the surface of the silicone wristband, without a grease material.
You can also ask the supplier to have a sample first, and test the quality before you buy rubber wristbands.



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