What' the purpose cancer research wristbands
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What’s the cancer research wristbands?Is it helpful??Is it helpful?
The purpose of cancer research wristbands is to study tumor patient identification using the method and the effect of QR code wristband. Methods experts tried to select 1000 cases of tumor patients as the research object, its were randomly divided into observation and control in the two groups, control group using common wrist band, no QR code, observation group use the QR code identification cancer research wristbands for patients, compared two groups of drug in the treatment of accuracy, the application of results. Results the right medication observation treatment group was 100%, significantly higher than that of control group 98%, treatment medication error rate was 0%, significantly lower than in the control group by 2% The application of 2d barcode wristband in the identification of tumor patients has a significant effect on improving the accuracy of patient information verification and the accuracy of therapeutic medication, and strengthening management can effectively ensure the accuracy and safety of therapeutic medication. 


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