How do the cancer wristbands work?
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How does cancer wristbands kill cancer cells in the blood?
The patent's name refers to a technology called NanoparticlePhoresis of cancer wristbands, according to a description of the patent filed by Google. According to the patent, the wearable device can "automatically alter or destroy one or more of the targets in the blood that are harmful to health," such as enzymes, hormones, proteins, cells or other molecules that can affect the wearer's medical condition or physical health.
In the patent filed by Google, for Parkinson's disease, for example, the energy transmitted by the smart bracelet can be changed according to the target hit by unhealthy substances in blood cells, with positive therapeutic effects. The target of a targeted attack can be an enzyme, hormone or protein in the blood. For example, if a protein has been shown to be partially responsible for Parkinson's disease, it might be possible to prevent or cure Parkinson's disease by screening and striking various blood cell particles associated with the disease. The bracelet can also alter or destroy cancer cells after screening and identifying them, potentially weakening their spread.
Google has been studying this for some time.Maybe the cancer wristbands is available in the future. 

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