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Throughout the smart wristband market, cheap fitness tracker wristband that monitor heart rate are no longer rare and have become the standard function of cheap fitness tracker wristband.What is the use of monitoring heart rate during exercise when you wear cheap fitness tracker wristband? Is this test accurate or not? Can exercise and fitness serve as a reference?
Heart rate monitoring of cheap fitness tracker wristbandthough this technology has been more common, but this kind of light components for external environmental impact resistance is very low, not only in use will affect the result, even the weather can affect the heart rate monitoring of intelligent bracelet, love bracelet 24-hour continuous uninterrupted monitoring heart rate sensor, avoid the influence of some external factors, higher precision, and provide aerobic exercise heart lung, fat burning, limit remind exercise heart rate monitoring data is mainly in order to give health guidance during exercise. Heart rate intervals can be set for both aerobic and anaerobic exercise. These heart rate data are analyzed to guide health.
For this reason, the monitoring of heart rate can be used to design the intensity of exercise we need. Different intensity of exercise can achieve different effects for different people, so as to plan whether this exercise is fitness, weight loss or body strengthening. Using heart rate monitoring data for comparison can achieve the desired effect of exercise more effectively and achieve twice the result with half the effort.

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