Custom your logo and text on the color filled silicone wristband
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Color filled wristband : this kind of wristband is adding the colors on the debossed logo, recessed with ink filled feature logo, letters and message. It looks similar with the debossed style. Same maximum height but ink filled with colors. We can fill more than 1color on the wristband.
These color filled wristband can be completely customized to show your letters, website,tel number,logos or patterns. These personalized color filled wristband can be embedded on a silicone surface so that they don't wear out over time and last well into the life of a personal product.
These are made of high-quality, durable silicon. Free artwork can help you find the perfect wristband . Multiple color options are available.

customized silicone colorfilled wristband   silicone wristband with colorfilled message



silicone colorfilled wristband    debossed colorfilled wristband


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