Circle silicone bracelet with custom design
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The custom circle bracelet is very common, and this is the most simple design of  silicone bracelet customization.Silicone wristbands are usually made of 100% eco-friendly silicon material. The environment-friendly silicon material is non-toxic and harmless. Customized circle bracelet is one of  the top promotional products of your company, institution or organization. Silicone custom circle bracelet is a truly a green and environment-friendly product, which is very popular and widely used around the world, especially by people who want to have a party . Now, people always buy custom circle bracelet with their slogans, messages, wishes or thoughts and give them to friends, customers or members.We can print custom logo and text on the custom circle bracelet with NO MOQ,small order is also welcome.Free digital proof sent to your email once you contact us with your custom circle bracelet idea.



silicone wristband 1  silicone wristband 2



   silicone wristband 4     silicone wristband 4


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