Custom printed slap bracelets
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When the bracelets stretches out and flings on the hand, it is firmly fastened on the wrist, so it is called slap bracelets.
The custom printed slap bracelets are made of silica gel and steel strip. The supplier covers the steel strip with silica gel. The inside of the custom printed slap bracelets are a high toughness steel sheet, so there is no need to worry about the service life. The surface of the bracelet is very smooth. We can print all kinds of patterns and words on the ring, and we can print LOGO patterns in various ways. The size and color can be customized. People tend to consider the environmental protection and effect of small gifts. As a product which is harmless to the environment, the s custom printed slap bracelets are soft and safe, and will not cause any adverse reactions to human skin. Compared with other materials, the product is wear-resistant, aging-resistant and durable.
The custom printed slap bracelets are the high quality product in silicone gifts, which are mostly used in gifts or children's toys. This kind of bracelet is a popular product in the silica gel industry. It can be used in gift industry, such as commercial promotion, outdoor advertising, gathering parties and so on.


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