Make your custom silion wristbands
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The custom silicon wristbands are perfect for your promotional needs. Over the past few years, the wristbands have been used by schools, events and organizations to publicize information and raise money.
Make a strong statement with a custom silicon wristbands. They come in adult and child sizes and come in a variety of brand options:printed,embossed, debossed, embossed printed and debossed colorfilled. They can also be glowing in the dark, glowing in green,blue,pink,yellow and orange. The band can be solid, segment, swirl and dual. A funny and stylish bracelet, it’s a good product to promote any special event. Soft custom silicon wristbands adds a sleek and professional look to your promotional presentation. The custom silicon wristbands are a new generation of promotional bands that appeal to the younger generation with their futuristic look and feel.

silicone wristband swirl    silicone wristband with custom design


UV silicone wristband  blank silicone wristband


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