Make message on the outside and inside of the silicone wristband
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Silicone wristbands of different colors, made of 100% silica gel material, are non-toxic, non-cracking, logo is long lasting and non-irritating to the skin. Soft material and elegant design, concise, bright color, novel style, unique colors, is the most popular fashion jewelry and customized products. We have debossed, ink filled, printed, embossed and embossed printed styles, we can print any custom patterns on the wristband, custom colors with Pantone Color, fashion trends. This product is suitable for all kinds of entertainment venues. Silicone wristbands are more associated with various organizational activities, brand promotion, sports and so on. They can also be used as gifts, souvenirs and advertising promotional gifts.
Our factory can print text and logo on the outside of the wristband as well as custom silicone wristbands with inside message for customers. About the custom silicone wristbands with inside message, we can make with embossed and debossed with or without color, and screen printing. Extra printing, which costs little money, but will make your custom wristbands more unique. We often receive orders from companies that print their phone calls in the inside of the wristband so that when customers receive these customized rings, they can not only see the logo and text on the outside, but also notice the contact information of the company. This is a very good way to promote sales.



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