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Many silicone wristband factories have a problem, that is, in recent years, orders are becoming smaller and smaller, fragmented, and even the number of inquiries from customers can not meet the minimum order of factories, some silicone wristband factories will hesitate or refuse small orders. They don’t have custom wristbands no minimum service. Minimum order quantity refers to a minimum quantity of cost guaranteed by a factory in order to go online. This quantity can be produced on the production line, and the cost can be guaranteed to a certain extent.
But our factory is a high quality manufacturer, our cost control is very ideal. We can provide custom wristbands no minimum service our silicone wristband do not set the order quantity, even if customers only order one wristband, we can help customers produce. The price of each design is different. Welcome to send us the inquiry. We will provide detailed price and free digital proof. If you need to custom wristbands no minimum, please feel free to contact us.



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