Logo and text on debossed wristband are long lasting
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Are you worried that the logo or text color on the purchased or customized silicone bracelets will fade or even disappear after a period of use? If yes, and you want your cool logo and personalized message on the wristband can be last for long time, you must choose the debossed wristband.
Debossed wristband means the logo or message is recessed, the custom logo or text is debossed that’s common industry term used in silicone wristband production, it looks like the logo or text is engraved on the wristband. The logo or text is long lasting and the its color is same as the band, the logo or message on the debossed wristband there will never be fading. The maximum height of the logo or message can be full on the wristbands.
The debossed wristband supplier made the debossed wristband’s logo or text by mould, 100% same as your design and digital proof.


blue debossed wristband  debossed message wristband



debossed text silicone wristband    green debossed wristband


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