It is very easy and convenient to design wristbands online.
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It is very easy and convenient to design wristbands online. You just need to log in to our website, choose the style and color you want on the page “ORDER NOW”, and enter the text you want in the blank form of front and back. For example, you can type Hello in front and Hi in back, then the effect maps of the web page will be in front and back respectively. Show the two words. Of course, it's not limited to words, you can also enter other words, a total of more than 20 words can be made on the bracelet. We can also choose some popular patterns on the website, such as maple leaf, basketball, football, eagle, ribbon, etc. You can also upload your own logo to the website, the file format can be eps, PFD or picture format.
If you don't have time to design wristbands online step by step on our website, you can email us directly and tell us your ideas and design, including the style, color and custom text and logo of the bracelet. We will finish the digital proof and send it to your mailbox as soon as possible.
Welcome to contact us to design wristbands online.



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