Do you know different types of bracelets
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Our factory has different types of rubber band bracelets. People can customize different types of rubber band bracelets on our website online. Do you know how many styles of the custom silicone bracelets?
According to the color of the bracelet, we have solid, segment, swirl, UV and glow in the dark. Monochromatic Bracelet color is only a single color. Segment and swirl are composed of two or more different pan tone colors. UV is a transparent bracelet that turns purple or blue in the sun. Glow in the dark Bracelet glows in the dark, usually green, blue or red.
According to the logo style, we have print, embossed, debossed, ink filled and embossed printed. Printed is the most common style. We use a printing machine to print logo and text on the ring surface. Embossed and debossed are hand rings carved with logo and text. The hand rings logo and text are convex or concave. The color of logo and text is the same as that of the hand rings. Ink filled and embossed printed add color on the basis of debossed and embossed.
The size and color of the bracelet are customized,and we can make all the custom logo and text,we can provide a very high degree of freedom of customization services.


silicone wristband 1    silicone wristband 2


silicone wristband 3     silicone wristband 4






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