Do you know different ways to make bracelets
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Silicone bracelets, which some would call rubber band bracelets, are now a popular custom product. The color and size of the bracelet are customized to your needs. Processing and manufacturing your personal logo and text on the bracelet. Do you know different ways to make rubber band bracelets?
Generally speaking, we use vulcanization machine to make ready silica gel materials into semi-finished bracelets, customized logo and text are made by secondary processing. Printing style is a printing machine, by making a good screen according to the design, using the printing head of the printing press to stick ink, cover the screen, the printing head will be attached to the logo and text of the screen, and then printed on the surface of the ring.
And the logo and text of the colorfilled style are also secondary processed. The worker injects ink into the concave ring by hand or machine, and injects different colors of ink according to the color of the drawing.
In embossed printing, the ink is printed on a convex logo or text by a machine.
Welcome to contact us for more about different ways to make rubber band bracelets, we can give you free samples of different styles of silicone bracelets, so that you can better understand the different styles of our custom silicone bracelets.



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