Let's buy charity bracelets to raise money for children with Down syndrome
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We should not discriminate against children with Down's syndrome, who are as good as other children, but suffer from illness all the time; every child is an angel, then they are an angel with broken wings. In December 2011, the United Nations General Assembly designated March 21 as World Down Syndrome Day to organize World Down Syndrome Day in an appropriate manner in order to raise public awareness of Down Syndrome. Every year, March 21 is designated "World Down Syndrome Day" by the International Down's Organization.
We can raise money for children with Down's syndrome in the community and attract people's attention by buying some down syndrome rubber bracelets and printing some public service words on them. These down syndrome rubber bracelets are made of silica gel. They are non-toxic and harmless. They do not contain heavy metals. They are a good customized product for fund-raising. We can choose different colors, sizes, and even customize the shape of the bracelet to print the pattern or text you need on the custom silicone bracelet.



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