Silicone wristband has two different colors outside and inside
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Dual layer wristband is the special option for customer when they custom the wristband,the color of the outside is different from that inside in one silicone wristband. For example, the inside of the bracelet is black, but the outside can be made white. Of course, we can also do a lot of colors, not only black and white, we can do many colors based on Pantone Color Chart.
Dual layer wristband is more special than normal solid silicone dual layer wristband because the inside and outside have different colors. In addition to color, logo and style are the same as normal solid silicone dual layer wristband. we can make the logo or text to be printed,debossed or embossed on the dual layer wristband. How can we can dual layer wristband ? We make one solid silicone wristband first,and then spray different color of ink on the outside of the silicone wristband; the other way is that we make two different colors of silicone wristband, and then glue the two bracelets together with special glue, then we can get a dual layer wristband as we want.


custom dual silicone wristband      dual silicone wristband

dual silicone wristband with message  dual silicone bracelet


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