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Embossed silicone bracelets are a popular style in custom silicone bracelets. The text and logo on the bracelet are raised on the surface of the bracelet, making the overall look 3D. The text and pattern on the embossed silicone bracelets is a color with the bracelet and is part of the bracelet. We can also print different colors on the logo and text to make the bracelet more solid.
Our embossed silicone bracelets are moulded. The bulging effect is not reflected in the design, it is the process of post-processing, which is pressed out by the model, the actual process and the design of the map have little to do with. Our design shows only the flat effect, telling the guest the length, width and logo or text position of the bracelet. If you need some embossed silicone bracelets, we can provide them for free. If you want to see the physical appearance of your order's embossed silicone bracelets, we can provide the pre-production service for free. After you confirm the sample, we will reproduce the big goods. The colors, sizes and shapes of embossed silicone bracelets are custom made. We provide a one-stop customization service, you just need to tell us your customization requirements, we can make your own embossed silicone bracelets according to your ideas.



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