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Fibromyalgia is a chronic disease. The doctor will determine the patient's condition based on the results and symptoms of the medical examination. Although the patient may feel muscle pain or stiffness at the time of onset, X-ray or most laboratory tests cannot detect the disease. Although fibromyalgia does not damage joints and organs, persistent pain and fatigue can seriously interfere with daily life. The hallmark of fibromyalgia is systemic muscle pain, usually accompanied by fatigue, sleep problems, anxiety or depression, with specific tender points.
Hospitals and communities can distribute some fibromyalgia warning silicone bracelets to people in their daily medical awareness campaigns. These fibromyalgia warning silicone bracelets have printed on how to treat fibromyalgia, such as encouraging people to exercise more and pay attention to diet. Customized fibromyalgia awareness silicone bracelets can choose the color that people like, and some colors can reduce the pressure, which is also helpful to relieve people's heart. People wear fibromyalgia warning silicone bracelets. In daily life, the bracelet can remind people to pay more attention to prevent fibromyalgia.



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