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People like free goods when they shop. Comparatively, as a basic judgment system of our human beings, it will be affected by a variety of things. Especially when the comparee is "free", we tend to overreact, and the charm of "free" exceeds our expectations.
When we go to the supermarket, maybe we don't intend to buy some goods, but when we see them "free", we will immediately have a strong interest. When people get something for free, they feel a strong sense of satisfaction.
When you buy custom silicone bracelets online, if you can get free silicone bracelets, will it attract your attention? Now contact our website and buy any custom silicone bracelet, you will get some free silicone bracelets for gift. These free silicone bracelets are exactly the same as your order. For example, if you need to order 100pcs bracelets for your party, then you only need to pay for the 50pcs, as you order 50pcs bracelets, we will give you 50pcs free bracelets. This will save you a lot of money.
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