How to get free wristbands
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When some customers buy custom silicone wristbands, they will search the Internet for free wristbands uk to find the right Wristband manufacturer. They search for free wristbands uk, and we think there are usually two kinds of psychology. The first is to get free wristband samples, receive samples from manufacturers, check the quality of wristbands and printing, to decide whether to place an order. For such free samples, our factory can provide free stock samples, that is, the printed pattern or text of the wristband, not customized samples. If the customer wants to customize the sample of the wristband, then this is not free. Because customers need to specify the size, color and LOGO, we make drawings free of charge, but the production of customized samples will incur costs.
Another idea is that when customers buy custom silicone wristbands, they want to get extra free wristbands. At this time, customers can contact our factory, because we have a discount activity now, and now purchase 100 will get 100 free wristbands, these free wristbands are the same as your order.



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