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Glitter is also called flash, flash powder. Because of its large size, it is also called golden onion sequins, which are electroplated by PET, PVC, OPP metal aluminum film materials with very high brightness and different thickness, and coated by precise cutting. The particle size of onion powder can be produced from 0.004mm to 3.0mm. Environmental protection belongs to the material of PET. Its shape is quadrilateral, hexagonal, rectangular, prismatic and so on. The golden onion pink series is divided into laser silver, laser gold, laser color (including red, blue, green, purple, red and black), silver, gold, color (red, blue, green, purple, red and black) magic series.
We can make the glitter silicone wristbands. We add glitter in the process of making silicone wristbands. In addition, we can print various logos and text on the glitter silicone wristbands. The glitter silicone wristbands can be solid, swirl or segment colours. This kind of glitter silicone wristbands are very popular. If you are tired of wearing regular style silicone wristband, you can try to order glitter silicone wristbands. Want to know more about the glitter silicone wristbands, please feel free to contact us.

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