Do you know how do you make a wristband
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Do you know how do you make a wristband when you need to custom silicone wristband with your own logo and text? If you are a consumer,then you just need to tell the silicone wristband factory what you think and leave the production part to a professional manufacturer. So what are you responsible for? First of all, you need to determine the style you want. Styles are printed, debossed, colorfiiled, embossed or embossed printed. After confirming the style, choose the color you need. The color can refer to Pantone color card. The color of the bracelet can be solid, swirl, segment, UV, glowing and dual. Select the size, adult, youth and toddler. If you have a custom logo or text, just send it to the factory. When you tell the factory all the details, the factory can make your own custom silicone bracelet according to your needs. How do you make a wristband? It’s really easy,just call or send email to



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