Do you know how to do rubber band bracelets
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Do you know how to do rubber band bracelets? Normally we have the following main processes:
1.Debossed: engraved words on the mold directly forming, such bracelets need to open the mold. It is commonly known as engraved bracelets, which can be roughly divided into two types: concave silicone bracelets and convex silicone bracelets.
2.Printed: that is, the silicone gel Bracelet free of mould opening fee. For special size, the printing bracelet is divided into multi-color silk printing, monochrome silk printing and multi-color overprint. It is a kind of silicone bracelet which can make goods faster.
3.Ink filled: this kind of bracelet is based on the first section plus a colored process of bracelet, so as to play a more obvious effect of LOGO, more strengthen the awareness of LOGO publicity.
4.Segmented: This kind of bracelet is to shape different colors of rubber together at the same time, forming a segmented Bracelet between each color segment, so that its own Bracelet more eye-catching.
5.Swirl: This kind of bracelet is made of many colored glue mixed together in the rubber mixing process, and then vulcanized in the mold processing, silica gel Bracelet formed after a variety of colors.
6. Glow in the dark: This kind of bracelet is mixed with noctilucent powder when mixing rubber. It needs to be seen at night just like ordinary silicone bracelet when forming.


silicone wristband 1   silicone wristband 2


silicone wristband 3   silicone wristband 4


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