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When customers need to order silicone bracelets, they will want to see images of rubber band bracelets first. There are many beautiful pictures of  images of rubber band bracelets on our website. If you need the pictures please feel free to contact us and we will send images of rubber band bracelets to your mailbox.
Customized silicone bracelets are now very popular. Whether it's business reception, brand promotion, birthday gifts, parties, etc., we can customize silicone bracelets. People usually like to make customized bracelets online.
You can follow up the guide lines:
1. Search online for customized bracelets or login directly to our website:
2. Select style and width, print style
3. Choose colours, lengths and quantities
4. Messages and logos
5. Choose the delivery date and place your order on top.
On-line customization of silicone bracelets is very convenient.



silicone wristband 1   silicone wristband 2

silicone wristband 3   silicone wristband 4



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