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Every child is the hope of the family and the future of the parents. Every family should care about the growth of the next generation. Children's Day should also give children a gift of festival blessings. Parents who are busy at work can choose to give some meaningful gifts to children on June 1 children's day, so as to satisfy their children's little wishes. What kind of gift is it for children's day? We recommend that you choose custom kid sized rubber bracelets. These custom kid sized rubber bracelets are made of environmentally friendly silica gel and will not have bad effects on children. They are non-toxic, odorless and free of heavy metals.We have the sizes 150*12*2mm and 160*12*2mm for the kids. We can choose the color our children like as the color of the bracelet, such as pink, blue, yellow and so on. In addition to color, we can also customize the shape of the bracelet. Besides the usual circles, we can also make figured bracelets, such as Superman's logo shape. We can help you print what you want to say to your child or blessings to your child on the bracelet. We can also print cartoon patterns and logos that your child likes. Now contact us to buy a custom bracelet, we will provide you with a discount code, you can use it when placing an order on our website to get 10% discount, also we will give you extra free bracelets and keychains.



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