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We are a professional manufacturer of custom bracelets. In addition to the regular size, we also have large rubber bracelets. Our large rubber bracelets are made of environmentally friendly silica gel. They are larger in circumference than conventional 8 inches and can be more than 1 inch in width. Silicone bracelets s are truly green accessories that are popular and widely used around the world, especially among young people. Silicone bracelets s are usually made of silicon, and environmentally friendly silicon materials are non-toxic and custom-made rubber bracelets. As a top-level promotional item for your company, business unit or organization, people can wear rubber bracelets at parties, events or sports events and they are very beautiful. Silicone bracelets s are good for all ages, children, youth or adults. Such products are generally low cost, inexpensive, but have a long service life. People can post their custom logos, messages or slogans on bracelets s, phone numbers or websites.



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