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Lung cancer ranks first in cancer incidence and mortality for both men and women, regardless of country. Smoking is the main acquired factor of lung cancer. Although the incidence of other cancers is also increasing in smokers, lung cancer is more pronounced. The risk of lung cancer in moderate smokers is 20 to 25 times higher than that in non-smokers. In addition, air pollution, including human activities caused by mining, chemical products, fossil fuels, automobile exhaust, vegetation damage caused by dust storms, and even kitchen fumes. The incidence of lung cancer in industrially developed areas is higher than that in underdeveloped areas. The incidence of lung cancer in urban areas is higher than that in rural areas, which is the proof that lung cancer is related to air pollution.
Now it is very important to promote awareness of lung cancer prevention and treatment. Community and hospital can customize some lung cancer awareness rubber bracelets when having charity activities. These lung cancer awareness rubber bracelets are made of silica gel. The materials of silica gel are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless. They will not cause harm to human body and can be worn every day. We can print some little knowledge of lung cancer prevention on the bracelet, or we can print some slogans like reduce smoking and environmental pollution on the bracelet. By distributing these lung cancer awareness rubber bracelets to the people, we can raise people's awareness of the importance of lung cancer.



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