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When you need to customize some silicone bracelet for your family, company, friends or community, you will consider customizing make rubber bracelets online. If you are the first time to customize make rubber bracelets online, you will surely be able to shop around. In many people's minds, private customization must be very expensive, but in fact it is not. First of all, we are factory direct docking terminal customers, no middleman to make price difference. We provide one-stop service from customized communication to delivery. Costs are well controlled and there are no high-priced custom bracelets. If you need custom printed bracelets, because our factory will make blank bracelets of different colors as stock, so even if you need only 10 bracelets, such as 10 yellow bracelets printed with white logo, then we only need 10 yellow bracelets printed in the warehouse. There is no limit on the initial order quantity, and the production cost is reduced by taking stock directly. Because if some factories do not have inventory, but need to make 10 bracelets only, then their material waste is very large, which will require a minimum order, or increase the price of bracelets to compensate for the loss of materials.
Our factory is specialized in custom silicone bracelets factory, with more than 10 years of rich experience, can provide you with satisfactory custom bracelets. Now just log on to our factory's website www. On the ORDER NOW page, we can directly select the style of the bracelet you need (our website has pictures of various styles of physical bracelets samples for your reference), color and size, customized text and logo, choose the delivery date and pay, we can take it up in 24 hours. For your production drawings. After confirming the drawings, we will produce the rings immediately and deliver them to you on time.


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