What you should know if you want to make your own wristband
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To make your own wristband for your family,friends or business partners are cool, fashionable and ideal financing for the perfect promotion of your brand or a cause to raise awareness. With a variety of colors and surface treatments, including UV color changes in the sun or glowing effects in the dark, make your own wristband can be customized to print or engrave your information/company details to the wristband.
You need to know when you want to make your own wristband:
The wristband must be made of environmentally friendly silicone material.
wristband type: debossed, ink filled, embossed, embossed with clor, screen printing.
The color of the band can be made according to the pantone color card, with hundreds of colors.The wristband can be solid,segment and swirl
General sizes are (ircumference* width * thickness) :
Adult: 202mm * 12mm * 2mm
Youth: 180mm * 12mm * 2mm
Toddler: 150mm * 12mm * 2mm
Safety standard: it has passed the standard test of SGS, and does not contain all kinds of heavy metals and toxic substances that are forbidden by regulations. It is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. 



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