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Nike is the world leader in sports and health products. It was founded in 1962 by track and field coach Bill Ballman and athlete Phil Knight, the predecessor of Blue Ribbon Sports Goods. Blue Ribbon Sports Goods Company has the sales agency of Japanese Tiger Sports Shoes in the United States. Soon after Nike, named after the Greek goddess of sexual interest, made its debut at the 1972 Olympic trials in the United States, a student named Caroline Davidson designed a Swordsl 1 logo similar to flying wings, which paid him $35. The logo outline serves as the background, while Nike uses italics in lowercase. Nowadays, many young people like to wear nike rubber bracelets when they are doing sports or recreational activities. It's cool to wear nike rubber bracelets. The nike rubber bracelets are one of the customized silicone bracelets.Our custom nike rubber bracelets can also be customized to your name or favorite text. The colour of the nike rubber bracelets can be solid or swirl.. Sizes are also a variety of options. When you need to customize your own nike rubber bracelets, please contact us.


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