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One Day At A Time is a remake of a classic sitcom released on January 6, 2017, US time. This multi-lens comedy, which focuses on a Cuban-American family, tells the daily life of a Cuban immigrant in the United States. The story revolves around Penelope, a single mother who came back from the army as a nurse, and her first-generation immigrant mother, Lydia and daughter Elena, son Alex, as well as her upstairs neighbor, Schiner. 。 The main line of the story is Elena's adult rites. Each episode has different themes, such as mutual respect, different degrees of religious belief, and extends to different ways of seeking psychological sustenance. Live optimistically and strongly. People should support each other and help each other.
This comedy TV series can bring people spiritual reservation and relaxation after work. We can customize some one day at a time rubber bracelet on the Internet. Most of these one day at a time rubber bracelet are made of silicone and can be customized. The bracelet can be printed with meaningful lines and motivational sentences in TV plays. Giving the bracelets to your family and friends not only helps each other build confidence in life, but also improve each other's feelings.



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