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The hen party is a festival celebration before the wedding, which is attended by the bride and her female friends. These parties are basically the same as men's singles parties or stag parties for women. In the United States, it is called "singles party", in Canada it is called "Stagger party", in Britain, Ireland and Australia it is called "hen party" or "hen night".
When you have a good friend ready to get married, you can buy customize silicone wristband and give her a little surprise at the hen party. We can print on the wristband with what you want to say to her and your sincere wishes. You can also have a personalised wristbands hen party where each participant wears a custom silicone wristband. Everyone's silicone wristbands are of different colours and can even be glowing in the dark. Such a personalised wristbands hen party can leave a good memory to the bride-to-be and friends.



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