Personalized bracelets with baby's information
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Children are the hope and future of the family. If a child is unfortunately lost, it is a disaster to a family. Parents who take their children out should pay close attention to their children's whereabouts and prevent them from getting lost. However, children are often active and active, parents can not always stare at him, so the emergence of stray-proof bracelet is very necessary. The anti-stray bracelet can reduce the probability of such tragedies. So, what is a stray-proof belt? Parents can contact our factory to customize the personalized baby bracelets. These personalized baby bracelets are pure silica gel products, non-toxic and harmless. We can print baby's name, address and parent's contact phone on the personalized baby bracelets, so that passers-by can contact their parents through the wristband on the bracelet.
We can also print a variety of patterns and text on the personalized baby bracelets. The color, size and shape of the silicone bracelet can be customized. Welcome to contact us for more information.



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