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Together with the Godfather, he is the guarantor of baptized children in Christian etiquette. They are called "Friendship Mother", "Qima", "Nominal Mother". Catholics call them "Parents". They play the role of guardian for the baptized in the baptism ceremony of Christianity. Males are Godfathers and females are godmothers. Godmother can affirm beliefs for baptized people and replace incompetent parents to educate children. Godfather-patriarchal system originated from the custom that baptized adults should be accompanied and guaranteed by a Christian known to the bishop. Churches have different requirements for Godfathers and godmothers. Some require only one Godfather or godmother, while others require one Godfather and godmother. The duty of the Godfather and Godmother is to assist the baptized adult to start his Christian life, to help him live a Christian life after baptism, and to faithfully fulfill the relevant obligations.
We customize personalized godmother bracelet for godmothers, print expectations for children on the personalized godmother bracelet, or print children's names or other designs on the personalized godmother bracelet. Let the bracelet accompany the child, always remind the child to follow good habits. Our personalized godmother bracelet is made of eco-friendly material, 100% customized product.



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