Plain silicone wristband
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We can make all kinds of different colors of silicone wristbands. If you want cheap customer silicone wristband with fastest delivery time, we recommend that you choose plain coloured silicone wristbands without any logo or text on them. In addition to no custom logo, the color, size and shape of the plain coloured silicone wristbands can be made according to your requirements. The color of the bracelet can be solid, segment, swirl, and it can also be glow in the dark or UV. All Pantone can be made, we have black, white, purple, yellow, green and blue. Segmented wristbands can be composed of two different colors, or even can be segmented into rainbow colors. Mixing is usually a mixture of 2-4 colors. We can make green light, blue light, orange light and pink light by the night light of the bracelet. UV is transparent, blue or purple.
We have adult size, youth size and child size. The circumference is 150-202 mm and the width is 6-25 mm. Customized sizes are also available.
Our plain coloured silicone wristbands are also good promotional gifts or party gifts, as long as the right color is chosen, the colorful plain silicone wristbands are also very beautiful.



silicone wristband 1    silicone wristband 2


silicone wristband 3     silicone wristband 4


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