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Plain silicone bracelets are the simplest custom silicone bracelets. The bracelet is blank and has no logo or text. It is very simple. When buying plain silicone bracelets, you can choose the color they like, and you can choose from hundreds of Pantone colors. You can customize the size you need, or choose the regular sizes available on our website: adults, youth, kids. The shape of the bracelet can also be decided by you. If you don't need a circle shape, you can make a special shape.
Plain latex bracelets can be used for a variety of events, choose the right color to represent the theme of your event. Usually different colors represent different organizations or purposes: yellow supports cancer patients; black and white are anti-racism; blue is anti-bullying; pink is for breast cancer patients.
If you are the owner of a printing company, you can also try to buy our plain silicone bracelets. You can print custom text and logo on plain silicone bracelets, plain silicone bracelets are very popular promotional product.



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