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Silicone wristbands are now a very popular custom gift. People often buy custom silicone wristbands for promotional activities, community or school elections or souvenirs. Nowadays, many silicone wristbands offer customized service. Because the wristbands are completely customized according to the requirements of customers, many customers want to see if the actual wristbands are the same as their own ideas.
Our factory is a leading manufacturer of custom silicone wristbands in the industry. We can provide the print wristbands free service, which is a special service that other manufacturers do not have. You just need to contact us, place orders on our website or send us customized requests. After payment received, we can arrange the sample production of the print wristbands free based on the service of print wristbands free. Printed samples are entirely based on your customized requirements: pattern, text, size and color. When you are satisfied with the samples, we will arrange for the mass production. Generally speaking, proofing takes only 1-2 days.
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