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The occurrence of PTSD is associated with a number of factors, these factors are mainly divided into the family and social psychological factors (such as gender, age, race, marital status, economic conditions, social status, work status, education level, stressful life events, personality, defense style, childhood trauma, family violence, war, social support, etc.) and biological factors, such as genetic factors, neuroendocrine factors, nerve and biochemical factors, etc.). Major traumatic events are the basic conditions for the development of PTSD and are highly unpredictable. When a family member or friend is suffering from PTSD, we can order some ptsd silicone bracelet and print some words of care, encouragement and love on the bracelet and give them to them to encourage them to walk out of the scar.We can buy the ptsd silicone bracelet online,it’s very easy to order and have a fast delivery service.



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