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Red rubber bracelet are also called red silicone bracelet, it’s made of 100% eco-friendly silicone material. We can make all kinds of red rubber bracelet,like dark red, light red, rose red, etc. We can make many red colors of red rubber bracelet. As long as the customers want to make red rubber bracelet, we can provide them. All the different red colours are actually based on the colour number on the Pantone color card. For example, 185C, 485C, 1795C and so on can be found on Pantone color number. When the customer wants to make a red rubber bracelett, just tell us the specific red color number. The red rubber bracelet can be printed, in addition, it can be made into debossed or embossed logo and text. Our red rubber bracelet don't have MOQ, and small orders are also welcome. We also offer 24-hour online service and free design. The delivery date is guaranteed and the price is favorable. Welcome to order red rubber bracelet here. 

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