How to print the good quality patterns on the silicone bracelet
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Silicone bracelet has become the mainstream of craft jewelry nowadays. Silk print pattern has become the mainstream nowadays. Silk print rubber band bracelet patterns also has its drawbacks. Ink unevenness, oil loss and other phenomena occur in products. What should we do with rubber band bracelet patterns printing?
Ink problem, the ink purchased by the manufacturer of silica gel bracelet or the ink prepared by the manufacturer itself is not well modulated. The diluent is very important. For example, when the proportion of the ink is erroneous, it will cause incompatible reaction between the ink and the main body of silica gel, such as unclear silk printing, ink dropping after a period of time, cracks in the silk printing pattern, uneven ink level and so on. Silicone jewelry silk printing process is very important, such as how to position and how to sun screen, especially whether there are residues in the printing part of the product during silk printing. Silicone rubber products show that too dirty will lead to the adsorption of silk printing ink, so generally many silicone processing manufacturers will clean the products first. Baking problem is the most important reason. Many products are baked at high temperature after silk printing, but they can still be touched off. The problem of baking oven of very products has a lot to do with it. Different products have different baking temperatures, so it is very important to control the problem of products appropriately. Secondly, the speed of oven tunnel, too fast may lead to non-air-drying, so the main Silk-print patterns need to be completely cured before they can achieve the phenomenon of ink-free.
If the supplier solves the above problems,they can make the good rubber band bracelet patterns.



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