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The Six Nations is the largest football match in the Northern Hemisphere. Every year England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales take part in the competition. The tournament also includes the Triangle Crown and other international tournaments. The penultimate team will be awarded a symbolic "wooden spoon". In the 1993 cup competition, the first trophy was made by William Comyns in London. At that time, the champion of the Cup was France. There are 15 panels on the trophy, symbolizing the 15 players in football. There are three handles, symbolizing the referee. The Six Nations Cup has a wooden base with team logos. The handle on the cup lid is patterned, and the pattern is drawn from the defending champion team. For example, Wales is the champion of the Six Nations, so the prince of Wales is engraved on the handle. In 2000, Italy joined the tournament, and the Five Nations expanded into the Six Nations.
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