Silicone wristband with message
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When you want to make rubber message bracelets, custom some message on the silicone bracelet,do you know how many styles for your options?
Rubber message bracelets with debossed: The bracelet is concave designed to look like the text engraved on the bracelet. The text is durable and the colour is the same as that of the band. The maximum height of the mark or information can be completely on the bracelet.We can also fill the ink into the debossed message, to make the message with different colors.
Rubber message bracelets with printing: The text of the printed bracelet is printed directly on the bracelet with a screen printer. This is the design of printing. Printed bracelets are simple and popular in design and style. Screen printing is a kind of color printed on silicone bracelet. We can also print a variety of colors, full-color silicone bracelet, or CMYK printing design.
Rubber message bracelets with embossed: the custom text is raised from the bracelet. The convex marking or information is based on the 1mm height of the bracelet. Embossed silicone bracelet is very fashionable. Silicone bracelet thickness is generally 2 mm, logo or text thickness is 0.5 mm. So the total thickness of the embossed silicone bracelet will be 2.5 mm.


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