What's the use of rubber wristbands
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What is the use of the rubber wristbands?
1, To prevent sweat flow to the hands of players caused by the phenomenon of slider.
It is made of high-grade environment-friendly silica gel, which can effectively absorb the sweat discharged from the human body and prevent sweat from flowing into the hands of players to cause the phenomenon of sliding ball.
2. For the convenience of group identification.
Street basketball is popular. As unknown ball players, they often ask for the ball in order to better cooperate in the game so the players ofter wear rubber wristbands with different colors.
3. To convey the wearer's belief
In today's society, people have more personalized designs and express their thoughts and beliefs in a variety of ways. Because the customized requirements of rubber wristbands is very flexible, it can be completely according to the requirements of people want to express the LOGO text engraved on the rubber wristbands, so as to achieve the role of the rubber wristbands to convey the faith.
4. Fashionable and trendy decorations
The color of rubber wristbands is colorful, and you can choose your favorite color and style according to your own preferences. 


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