Do you know the connection between silicone alert bracelets and diabetic
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Many patients are only relying on drug control after finding diabetes, but they do not strictly control their diet in life, resulting in unstable blood sugar fluctuations. When diabetes continues to rise, there will be some complications in the body. Diabetes patients should pay attention to the strict control of the normal diet. For high-fat, high-sugar foods, control should not be excessive. If the drug is used at the same time. Without food control, there is no way to control the blood sugar. Once the blood sugar is unstable, various complications will follow, which will bring great harm to the body.
There is now a silicone diabetic alert bracelets on the market that provide patients with physical data in a timely manner. Current functions include measuring blood pressure, electrocardiogram, heart rate, respiration rate, mood, fatigue, pace, calories, walking distance, etc. Remote monitoring of loved ones, emergency calls, etc.; intelligent silicone diabetic alert bracelets are not medical devices, but continuous measurement of blood glucose estimates helps to understand changes in blood glucose over time, helps with compliance and supports seeking to change lifestyles To avoid diabetes in pre-diabetic patients.We can also print the custom logo and message on the silicone diabetic alert bracelets, the colors of the silicone diabetic alert bracelets can be customized also.



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