Custom silicone rubber bracelets
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Customized silicone rubber bracelets are widely used in our lives. It contributes to festival decoration, promotional activities, team sports, fund-raising, anniversary, commemorative activities, etc. Price concessions, comfortable to wear, durable. Various colors are available for the silicone rubber bracelets. High quality silicone rubber bracelets are made of 100% rubber silicone. It is environmentally friendly and comfortable to wear. The logo or text on the bracelet can be printed, debossed or embossed. The color of the silicone rubber bracelets can be solid, segmented, swirl or dual. Other options, such as glow in the dark or UV are available. Size is varied for adults, women, youth and toddlers. Customized silicone bracelets for commemoration, cross fitness, holiday decoration, party gifts, company activities, etc. It's easy to design your own silicone rubber bracelets, just feel free to contact us and send your idea and design to us, we will provide you the good price and fast delivery time.



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